After steamrolling Rusev at Battleground and now going after WWE champion Jinder Mahal, John Cena sucks again

After steamrolling Rusev at Battleground and now going after WWE champion Jinder Mahal, John Cena sucks again

One of wrestlings biggest power couples announced they have separated just weeks before their wedding day. Nakamura is undefeated on main roster TV and could be a genuine main event superstar if booked carefully – and not squandered for the sake of a cheap TV ratings pop. And let’s not forget that internet darling indie stylesportsnews wrestlers are just as guilty of the no-sell, big spot style – it’s just how the US wrestling has changed, for better or worse. But Cena was a pristine – an untouchable company man and the squeaky-clean face of WWE’s transition to PG, further infuriating fans still hankered after the wild days of the Attitude Era.

One of the side effects of steroids is causing increased thickness around your waist and midsection region. There’s no doubting that John Cena is one of the most physically impressive men in the world. As soon as I pass it, there’s some guy on the other end going ‘Oh, there’s masking agents, there’s this, there’s that.’ I know the arguments because I’ve been in the situation. Later CNN was accused of editing Mr. Cena’s response which was originally “Absolutely not.

‘Vince made the initial assumption that I think everybody made when they saw John,’ Bruce Prichard said.

He should definitely have been one of the main talking heads, or even the voice-over here, and it is sad that he didn’t make the effort to do so. Linda and Stephanie, as well as Triple H are here, it would have been nice for Shane to have made a small appearance too, but Vince not  being on here is an odd decision. The product has changed a lot over the years, with the shift from TV14 to TVPG, and we get different people talking about how they felt it was necessary to become more family friendly. John Cena is heavily featured here, with his career being discussed by various people, including Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman, CM Punk and others.

  • He is not just interested in bodybuilding but is a great football player too.
  • It is a good sign that the presentation opens with such important figures from the history of pro-wrestling.
  • One of the side effects of steroids is causing increased thickness around your waist and midsection region.
  • By June of 2002, Cena is getting ready to make the jump to the main roster.
  • These events are examined and the stories of how they came about are discussed by various people, including long-time WWE employee, Howard Finkel.

But once they abolished steroids – which for me was only about a five year span – I was the cleanest wrestler there was when it came to that kind of stuff. I think I got my whole break because I was a guy that didn’t need steroids. I didn’t really have much choice but to take steroids in the limited time that I took them.

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You know, his father was a Nazi in the comics, an actual German Nazi from the 1940s. And this is simply updating that character to the present day. And so I think that we have a number of things that make us go, oh, well, maybe this guy isn’t exactly who we thought he was. We see a more vulnerable side of him, but we also see his relationship with a lovable eagle, who he treats like his baby, and who also treats him like his baby.

Known to many of those who were fans of wrestling from around the start of the 1990s to the beginning of the millennium, Mr Perfect, born Curt Hennig, was the epitome of the perfect wrestler. And tragically, several of those checked out long before old age. Most died after suffering heart attacks, but in a handful of cases, their deaths were linked to drugs including cocaine and steroids.

This section is the first time mention is made of the guys that lit the professional wrestling world on fire in the 90’s, such as Steve Austin, Mick Foley and The Rock. The Hulk Hogan era is then discussed, from his debut in WWE, to his first championship win, and his hugely popular and iconic run in the 80’s as the face of the World Wrestling Federation. There are clips of his matches as well as his media appearances on shows like “Saturday Night Live”. It is fantastic to see Jake “The Snake” Roberts, in his current sober and drug-free state, as a talking head here, among other people, including Hulk himself.

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But that was also the time of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, which is mostly covered in the series, that saw wrestlers living like rock stars with an edgy lifestyle of big money, gorgeous women, strong drugs and steroids. Roman Reigns, the most popular table puller, earns over $5 million per year as one of the highest paid athletes in the game. Roman is unquestionably one of the world’s best earners as a result of his heel turn, which has been one of the most successful in history. Brock Lesnar is currently on contract with WWE and is expected to earn $5 million per year.

In regards to Cena catching the eye of the brass, Bruce says its all about timing. Vince thought Cena was clumsy and performing a hokey gimmick. But little by little, his personality and drive would also come through at the right times.

Daniel Bryan, who has already amassed a fortune estimated to be worth around $10 million by 2020, is expected to become wealthy even more. Brie Bella’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, which means she was born under that sign as a baby. There is no one definitive answer to this question. WWE does not release salaries for its wrestlers, so any estimates are purely speculative.

It is common knowledge that people on steroids often have flushed skin due to increased blood pressure and thin skin which reflects the underlying pooling of blood in extremities. Upper part of the body and Cena’s chest has appeared pinkish, flushed in many incidents. Cena has never been caught cheating on a diet or workout routine, which would be fairly easy to do if he were using steroids.